Nucleon form factors for neutrino experiments

Neutrinos are known to carry mass, however, their individual masses and whether they are Majorana or Dirac neutrinos are unknown. The next generation of terrestrial long baseline neutrino experiments will shed light on some of these questions. In these experiments neutrinos are scattered off nucleons, bound in nuclei. In this project the form factors (flavour non-singlet and singlet) needed for these experiments will be determined precisely by first principles lattice simulation of the underlying theory, QCD. As a by-product also the tensor form factors will be determined, allowing for a complete picture of how the transverse and longitudinal spin of the nucleon is distributed among its quark and gluon constituents, another area of intense experimental and theoretical interest, that will be investigated in detail at the proposed electron ion collider (EIC) facility.

Supervisor: Gunnar Bali (University of Regensburg)