Network Activities

Our network teams and partners have a rich and continuous presence on national and international outreach scenes through seminars to a broad audience, including school children, public understanding of science articles and videos.

We take the opportunity in this page to provide a representative collection of the highly interesting recent outreach activities of the EuroPLEx teams and partners.

The information presented here is regularly updated.

Hands on Particle Physics Masterclasses 2021
EuroPLEx nodes in Edinburgh, Madrid and Parma are present at the  Masterclasses event on March 17, 2021, in collaboration with CERN. Among the local organizers of the joint event many of our EuroPLEx fellows.  

Masterclasses 2021 Edinburgh (Edinburgh U)
Masterclasses 2021 Madrid (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
Masterclasses 2021 Parma (Parma U)






  • The IFT periodically organizes courses on current research on fundamental physics as part of the regular training programme for secondary education teachers. The latest event took place in February-March 2019, as a  reparation for teachers that had enrolled in CERN’s Summer Visit Programme, and featured lectures, among others, by EuroPLEx’s researcher Carlos Pena.


  • Several IFT researchers contribute with regular articles on science outreach in mainstream newspapers, feature in science broadcasts, etc.A recent example on epidemics modelling was a series of articles by the EuroPLEx’s researcher Carlos Pena in collaboration with IkerBasque and DIPC experimental physicist Juan José Gómez-Cadenasthe published in the online cultural magazine JotDown. A collection  of articles of C. Pena in the magazine can be found here