Dimitrios Bachtis
University of Swansea
Machine learning in quantum field theories: phase transitions and finite density

Supervisors: Gert Aarts, Biagio Lucini

Lorenzo Barca
University of Regensburg
Nucleon form factors for neutrino experiments

Supervisor: Gunnar Bali

Nico Battelli
Trinity College, Dublin
The gradient flow and quark mass renormalisation in a finite volume scheme

Supervisor:  Stefan Sint

Gabriel Bliard
Humboldt University, Berlin
Superstrings and AdS/CFT: a lattice approach

Supervisor: Valentina Forini


Lucius Bushnaq
Trinity College Dublin
Precise determination of the leading hadronic contribution to the muon g-2

Supervisor: Michael Peardon

Pietro Butti
Autonomous University of Madrid
Large N spectroscopy on a single-site lattice

Supervisors: Margarita Garcia Perez,
Antonio Gonzalez-Arroyo

Leonardo Chimirri
Humbolt University, Berlin
Applicability of the weak coupling expansion in QCD

Supervisor: Rainer Sommer

Alessandro Conigli
Autonomous University of Madrid
Approaching the b-quark sector in decays
of heavy-light mesons

Supervisor: Carlos Pena

Enrico Fiorenza
EuroPLEx fellow until 31.12.2020.
Congratulations on his new industry career
& good luck!


Daniel Jenkins
University of Regensburg
Matrix elements for the direct detection
of dark matter

Supervisor: Sara Collins

Nelson Lachini
University of Edinburgh
High-precision description of unstable hadrons   through lattice simulations

  Supervisors: Antonin Portelli

Emil Hakan Leeb-Lundberg
University of Parma
Phase structure of quantum gauge theories on compact manifolds at finite temperature

 Supervisor: Luca Griguolo

Alessandro Lupo
University of Edinburgh
Numerical studies of composite Higgs models

Supervisor: Luigi Del Debbio


Guido Nicotra
University of Bielefeld
Freezeout-conditions in heavy ion collisions

Supervisors: Christian Schmidt, Frithjof Karsch


Simran Singh
University of Parma
Thimble regularisation of Lattice Gauge Theories

Supervisor: Francesco Di Renzo