High-precision description of unstable hadrons through lattice simulations

Many decay processes which are investigated in particle accelerator experiments feature in their final state a unstable hadron which subsequently decays in several hadrons. A typical example of such process is the rare decay B → K* l l+ studied at LHCb, ATLAS, Belle and CMS experiments in the context of indirect searches for new physics. In this process, the K* later decays through the strong interaction into a K π pair. It is important to have a clear theoretical understanding of resonances to confront such models to experimental measurements. To support such efforts, it is crucial to be able to provide precise theoretical precision of hadronic matrix elements featuring unstable hadronic states. The present research project will consist in combining the strong software development programme at The University of Edinburgh and the expertise of the group in Dublin to achieve the first theoretical determination of the parameter of the ρ and K* resonances at physical quark masses, with all sources of uncertainty under control.

  • Supervisors: Antonin Portelli (University of Edinburgh)