WP1 – Indirect searches for New Physics

A most important contribution to the search for New Physics comes from a detailed comparison of Standard Model (SM) predictions to very accurate experimental measurements from low-energy experiments. Indeed, in a large number of SM predictions used for searching New Physics in current experimental programs, the uncertainties coming from the low-energy sector of the SM dominate. This is due to our imprecise understanding of non-perturbative hadronic interactions. It is now established that lattice QCD can address reliably and precisely this issue.

Research work will be dedicated to the following topics:

LQCD determinations and study of Isospin and QED corrections associated to the Flavour Physics aiming at the precise determination of the CKM matrix elements in relation with the experimental efforts by LHC(b),Belle II, BES-III and NA62;

Computation of hadron form factors and in particular of the Nucleon axial form factors in view of next generation neutrino oscillation experiments;

Determination of the non-perturbative hadronic contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon in relation to athe effort for high precision comparison between theoretical and experimental results. The latter will be provided by a new generation of experiments at Fermilab and J-PARC;

High precision lattice determination of the QCD running coupling which is indispensable for building precise perturbative SM predictions used to search New Physics in high-energy colliders such as the LHC;

LQCD computation of excited mesons and resonances in view of experimental work in particular by PANDA.