ESR Publications

  • Investigation of the Perturbative Expansion of Moments of Heavy Quark Correlators for Nf = 0
    Leonardo Chimirri, Rainer Sommer
    PoS(LATTICE2021) 354
  • A contribution to understanding the phase structure of strong interaction matter: Lee-Yang edge singularities from lattice QCD
    P. Dimopoulos, L. Dini, F. Di Renzo, J. Goswami, G. Nicotra, C. Schmidt,
    S. Singh, K. Zambello, F. Ziesché
    Phys. Rev. D 105 3, 034513 (2022)

  • Inverse renormalization group in quantum field theory
    D. Bachtis, G. Aarts, F. Di Renzo, B. Lucini
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 128 8, 081603 (2022)
  • Implementing noise reduction techniques into the OpenQ*D package
    L. Bushnaq, I. Campos, M. Catillo, A. Cotellucci, M. Dale, J. Lücke, M. Krstić Marinković, A. Patella, M. Peardon, N. Tantalo
    PoS(LATTICE2021) 363


ESR Preprints


Network Publications

  • Leading order mesonic and baryonic SU(3) low energy constants from Nf=3 lattice QCD
    G. S. Bali, S. Collins, W. Söldner, S. Weishäupl
    Phys. Rev. D 105 5, 054516 (2022)
  • Lattice results for the longitudinal spin structure and color forces
    on quarks in a nucleon

    S. Bürger, T. Wurm, M. Löffler, M. Göckeler, G. Bali, S. Collins,
    A. Schäfer, A. Sternbeck
    Phys. Rev. D 105  5, 054504 (2022)

  • Quantitative analysis of phase transitions in two-dimensional XY models using persistent homology
    N. Sale, J. Giansiracusa, B. Lucini
    Phys. Rev. E 105 2, 024121 (2022)

  • Settling an old story: solution of the Thirring model in thimble regularization
    F. Di Renzo and K. Zambello
    Phys. Rev. D 105 5, 054501 (2022)
  • Applications of Machine Learning to Lattice Quantum Field Theory
    D. Boyda, S. Calì, S. Foreman, L. Funcke, D. C. Hackett, Y. Lin, G. Aarts, A. Alexandru, X.-Y. Jin, B. Lucini, P. E. Shanahan
    Contribution to Snowmass 2022


Network Preprints

  • Color dependence of the topological susceptibility in Yang-Mills theories
    Ed Bennett, D. K. Hong, J.-W. Lee, C.-J. D. Lin, B. Lucini, M. Piai,
    D. Vadacchino

  • Sp(2N) Yang-Mills theories on the lattice: scale setting and topology
    Ed Bennett, D. K. Hong, J.-W. Lee, C.-J. D. Lin, B. Lucini, M. Piai,
    D. Vadacchino

  • Towards glueball masses of large-N SU(N) pure-gauge theories without topological freezing
    C. Bonanno, M. D’Elia, B. Lucini, D. Vadacchino
  • Lattice studies of the Sp(4) gauge theory with two fundamental and three antisymmetric Dirac fermions
    Ed Bennett, D. Ki Hong, Ho Hsiao, J-W. Lee, C.-J. D, Lin, B. Lucini, M. Mesiti, M. Piai, D. Vadacchino