EuroPLEX Academic Partners

EuroPLEx aims at understanding the overall picture of Particle Physics and the frontiers of Quantum Field Theories within and beyond the borders of what we know now. All this would be impossible without solid connections to Experimental Physics. A variety of academic partners provide links with the forefront of Particle Physics experiments (ATLAS, Belle II, PANDA, NA62, RHIC).

  • CERN – ATLAS Data Processing Group (EP-ADP)
  • DESY – Belle/Belle II GROUP
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM – School of Physics and Astronomy
  • BNL – Nuclear Theory Group
  • LMU – Ludwig Maximilians Universität, München (D) – Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics
  • ETH Zürich –  Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

EuroPLEX Industrial Partners

EuroPLEx program heavily relies on High Performance Computing and particularly strong is partner involvement in HPC training. World-leading HPC companies accepted to be our partners.

  • CRAY UK (part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise group)

Advanced Statistics (and Data Science) are not only essential tools for Lattice practitioners; they are also a window of opportunities widely open for our fellows in non academic fields that are crucial in nowadays and future societal progress. Innovative companies active in Data Science are also our partners.

  • Google Germany GmbH
  • We predict LTD
  • Maps spa

Training in communication is a major opportunities for EuroPLEx fellows: science communication is something a scientist can’t live without. We will be assisted and guided by partners who are masters of science communication

  • Prensa Cientifica S.A.
  • Sissa Medialab Srl