8 (out of 15) ESR positions have already been filled and 6 fellows have already started!

  • Emil Hakan Leeb-Lundberg works in Parma on the project Phase structure of quantum gauge theories on compact manifolds at finite temperature.
  • Lorenzo Barca works in Regensburg on the project Nucleon form factors for neutrino experiments.
  • Leonardo Chimirri works in Berlin on the project Applicability of the weak coupling expansion in QCD.
  • Nico Battelli works in Dublin on the project Precision quark mass renormalization and the gradient flow.
  • Guido Nicotra works in Bielefeld on the project Freezeout-conditions in heavy ion collisions.
  • Simran Singh works in Parma on the project Thimble regularisation of Lattice Gauge Theories.